Lifelines Research

Family history research is one of our most popular internet hobbies – millions of people all around the world are now researching their ancestry, visiting record offices and libraries and using a variety of family history websites. But not everyone has the time to do the research – and that’s where Lifelines Research comes in. With nearly 40 years experience of researching UK family histories, we are here to help you. Visit our Research page to commission research and to find out more …

Our senior researcher, Dave Annal, is a popular lecturer and is well-known on the family history circuit. He regularly gives talks on a wide range of family history topics. Visit our Talks page to book a talk and to find out more …

Dave Annal is also a respected and successful author. He has written a number of family history books and is a regular contributor to Family Tree magazine. Visit our Publications page to buy one of Dave’s books and to find out more …

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  1. says:

    David did an absolutely first-class job in locating all the information I required to proceed with an overseas citizenship application. He kept me fully apprised of cost and time factors at all times, which was a primary concern of mine. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Many thanks again, Sholto


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